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Artificial Grass for Commercial & Residential Applications

At SYNLawn Iowa, we are the preeminent artificial grass company serving Des Moines, IA and the surrounding communities. With our exceptional synthetic grass products and years of experience in designing and installing artificial turf for numerous applications, our team is confident that we can assist you with all of your artificial surfacing needs. So if you need synthetic grass for a dog area, an artificial lawn, playground, rooftop, deck, patio, or putting green, we at SYNLawn Iowa can supply and install your new synthetic surface! Contact us today to learn more about our first-rate synthetic grass products and services!


At SYNLawn Iowa, our team is highly skilled in delivering premium artificial turf solutions to commercial enterprises. We take pride in offering durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly commercial artificial grass that adds a striking charm to lawns and landscapes across a diverse range of commercial properties. Whatever your requirements may be, simply inform our team, and we can help turn your vision into reality for your Des Moines business!


Pet owners often encounter inconveniences like muddy paws, flea infestations, and stubborn grass stains, causing unnecessary hassle. However, there is a solution to transform your lawn into a more enjoyable space for you and your furry companion – our artificial dog and pet grass! Here at SYNLawn Iowa, we offer top-quality synthetic pet turf designed to address these issues effectively. It is highly durable, comfortable, easy to clean, and even helps deter insects and other pests. Experience a hassle-free and enjoyable lawn tailored to meet both your and your pet’s needs.

Kid playing with dog on artificial grass
Dog relaxing on artificial grass lawn
Dogs playing on artificial grass backyard from SYNLawn
Woman training dog on artificial grass lawn


Many Iowans opt for artificial grass installation at home due to the significant time and cost savings in lawn maintenance. SYNLawn Iowa offers residential artificial grass, eliminating the need for mowing, fertilizing, deweeding, and watering. With it, you can enjoy a consistently even and green lawn virtually hassle-free. All across Des Moines and other Iowa communities, homeowners appreciate the incredibly low maintenance needs of our artificial grass lawns.


For those who embrace a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to home projects, SYNLawn Iowa offers an ideal solution with our DIY artificial grass. We provide you with all the essential tools and guidance for  installation and maintenance of our premium synthetic grass. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your ideal landscape with our top-quality products.



Opting for artificial grass offers significant cost savings compared to traditional grass. Unlike conventional lawns that demand constant attention – watering, fertilizing, mowing, and hiring landscapers – our synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance. Say goodbye to those time-consuming and costly tasks. With our hassle-free surfacing solution, you can enjoy a beautiful and lush lawn without the burden of additional expenses and time commitments.


By embracing artificial lawns and landscapes, you can bid farewell to concerns about harmful fertilizers and pesticides that negatively impact the local environment. Additionally, the pollution arising from traditional gardening equipment, like lawnmowers, can become a thing of the past. Yet, the most significant advantage is the remarkable water savings achieved annually by transitioning to our synthetic turf, making a substantial contribution to water conservation efforts.


With a synthetic grass lawn, you never have to worry about missing out on your favorite outdoor activities, regardless of the season. Our artificial turf maintains its lush and beautiful appearance all year round! Thanks to its quick-draining capability, it remains ready for use whenever you need it, efficiently handling liquids. So say goodbye to inconveniences like mud, puddles, and unsightly brown patches – they will become a thing of the past with our reliable and pristine artificial grass.


Professional Installations

SYNLawn Iowa takes pride in professionally installing our exceptional synthetic turf products, essentially guaranteeing our customers long-lasting and impeccable lawns, landscapes, and putting greens.


Having served Iowa communities, including Des Moines, for numerous years, we have gained an exceptional understanding of the unique needs of local residents and commercial businesses. This experience has enabled us to identify precisely which of our artificial turf products are best suited for various types of projects. Rest assured, we possess the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that match your requirements, helping ensure top-notch results every time.

High-Quality Turf Products

What sets SYNLawn Iowa apart from our competitors is our "From Yarn to Yard" approach, granting us greater control over the entire manufacturing process. Unlike others, we make what we sell, ensuring top-notch quality in every aspect of our artificial grass products and services. This end-to-end control helps guarantee that our customers receive the finest and most reliable artificial grass solutions we have available.


Count on our team to address your commercial artificial grass requirements. Whether you run a doggy daycare, gym, vacation property, retail store, resort hotel, or any other business, we offer tailored artificial turf solutions. Not only are our synthetic grass lawns and landscapes remarkably eye-catching, but they are also exceptionally low maintenance, ensuring significant cost savings for your business. Let us provide you with top-quality and hassle-free artificial turf that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and visitors alike.

At SYNLawn Iowa, we offer artificial grass solutions that can bring a distinctive putting green design to your home or business. Regardless of the scale of your artificial golf green project, we are here to assist you in designing and building it. Moreover, our synthetic putting greens boast fast water drainage capabilities, ensuring that stormy weather won’t flood your golf greens and impede your enjoyment or practice of the game you love. Count on us for top-quality and all-weather backyard putting greens just outside your doorstep!

Our synthetic golf grass is an incredible choice for commercial tee lines due to its exceptional qualities. With UV resistance and adaptability to various climates, it remains durable and resilient against wear and tear. Additionally, our artificial golf greens require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing. This not only saves valuable time but also leads to significant long-term cost savings. Invest in our top-quality synthetic golf grass to enhance your commercial tee lines and enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective turf solutions.

In Des Moines, Iowa, our fake grass for pets is designed to cater to dogs and other pets of various sizes. Whether you have multiple energetic pups that love to run and dig, our artificial pet turf can withstand their playful activities. Our pet grass is not only soft and non-allergenic for pets, but it also boasts quick water drainage, helping to ensure your furry friends will not track mud into your home or business. Enjoy a cleaner and more pet-friendly environment with our premium artificial dog and pet turf!


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