Artificial Pet Turf Systems in Iowa

The team of artificial grass experts from SYNLawn Iowa offers artificial pet turf sales and installations in Des Moines, IA and several other Iowa communities. Our remarkable synthetic pet grass provides an ideal surface that is tailored specifically to household pets like dogs, cats, and others. It not only addresses the surfacing needs of these animals but the surfacing needs of their owners as well. As a result, our artificial pet grass is soft, inviting, highly durable, easy to clean, and good-looking! It is perfect for installation in areas on a variety of properties – from backyards to public pet parks and doggy daycares.

The Need for Quality Pet Surfaces In Iowa

Pets, such as dogs and cats, are often some of the most beloved members of a family. To show them this love, it is important to consider their needs. One of the most significant needs for many of them is to be able to spend time outdoors. Yet, outdoor surfaces can often get in the way of that. No pet wants to lay or play on traditional dry, scratchy grass or hard, sharp rocks and wood chips. Pets want soft, inviting surfaces – like artificial pet grass. At SYNLawn Iowa, our synthetic pet turf provides pets with a surface that has been engineered just for them!

Durable Surfacing for Pets

One of the most crucial aspects of any quality pet surface is its durability. Larger dogs and even some cats and other animals can tear conventional grass, dirt, and cheap turf apart. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Iowa, our top-quality artificial pet grass provides your furry friends with a highly durable surface. Our pet turf resists several kinds of wear and tear, including digging, the force of running paws, foot traffic, the weather, and more! The result is a long-lasting pet surface that maintains its overall shape, form, and softness!

Easy-to-Clean Turf

Our synthetic pet turf not only offers pets several benefits but pet owners as well. One benefit that pet owners specifically enjoy is how easy to clean our artificial pet grass is. Unlike traditional grass, dirt, wood chips, and other common outdoor surfaces, our pet turf is quick draining, so it can easily be cleaned by spraying it with water from a hose. This makes cleaning up pet waste a breeze by comparison. It also helps ensure a cleaner space for your pet or pets to enjoy.  

Low Maintenance Grass Alternative

Unlike conventional grass surfaces, artificial pet turf from us at SYNLawn Iowa requires little upkeep. While traditional lawns and landscapes need to be watered, trimmed, and more, our synthetic pet grass only needs an occasional cleaning. Ultimately, this makes it a low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass as well as several other kinds of pet surfaces in Des Moines and other Iowa communities.

Incredibly Realistic Synthetic Pet Turf

With synthetic pet turf from SYNLawn Iowa, you receive a surfacing material that is specially engineered for pets’ needs without sacrificing visual appeal. Our top-quality artificial pet grass is incredibly realistic. It captures the authentic look and feel of traditional grass. This makes it an ideal addition to various commercial, residential, and municipal spaces. If installed as a lawn or landscape, it will not detract from the property. Instead, it will add to the overall beauty.

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Our Pet Products

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNAugustine 347

SYNAugustine 347
SKU: SA347 | Total Weight: 75 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Our softest, most realistic, most comfortable variety of grass with beautiful multi-colored grass blades incorporating Super Yarn Technology. This grass takes the lead in comfort, strength, and realistic natural turf aesthetics.

SYNFescue 60

SYNFescue 60
SKU: FES60 | Total Weight: 60 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Experience the perfect blend of realism and elegance with one of our top-selling turf styles, ideal for both lawns and landscaping projects. Enjoy the beauty and sophistication it brings to any outdoor space.

SYNTipede 321

SYNTipede 321
SKU: ST321 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Just like its natural counterpart, SYNTipede is known for being tough. The tallest in the collection including Super Yarn technology creating a durable surface perfect for active children and pets and peace of mind for all types of landscaping projects.

PET Premium

PET Premium
SKU: ST343_PETS | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

With DOUBLE the drainage, this easy-to-clean grass keeps pets safe and happy. Ideal for pet play and agility, including animals of all sizes, this is the perfect pet grass for both residential and commercial applications.

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Artificial pet turf from SYNLawn Iowa is available for sale and installation in Des Moines and other Iowa communities. Our synthetic pet surfacing provides an optimized space for all kinds of household pets, such as dogs and cats. To learn more about our artificial pet grass or receive a quote, contact us today!