Artificial Green Walls

The team from SYNLawn Iowa provides exceptional artificial green walls to homes, businesses, and more in Des Moines, IA. As the leading artificial grass company in Iowa, we offer several types of synthetic grass and plant products, including our artificial plant wall panels. These beautiful panels can be equipped indoors or outdoors. In doing so, they add unmatched greenery and aesthetic appeal to a variety of spaces. This makes our artificial living walls perfect for enhancing curb appeal, creating striking accent walls, or providing more pleasant-looking privacy screens.

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What are Artificial Green Walls?

Artificial green walls are wall panels that feature an abundance of synthetic plant life. At SYNLawn Iowa, our artificial living walls are made up of panels. These panels can be seamlessly interconnected to help them occupy the space wherever they are needed. Our synthetic plant panels are incredibly realistic and capture the colors, shades, textures, and dimensions of real plants. Yet, because they are artificial, the plants in our synthetic green walls never overgrow, wilt, or die. Instead, they provide consistent greenery and beauty.  

Applications for Artificial Green Walls in Des Moines, IA

Synthetic green walls from us at SYNLawn Iowa can be a wonderful addition to commercial and residential spaces, such as backyards, restaurants, offices, spas, wedding venues, rooftop terraces, and so much more. Four of the most common ways artificial living walls are used in Iowa and other parts of the United States include: 

Accent Walls

One of the most undeniably striking uses of our artificial living walls is for accent walls. By equipping a wall in your home or business with our faux plant panels, you can bring greenery indoors with a captivating display. This can not only impress guests and loved ones in your home, but they can also impress customers, clients, and guests of your business. So add synthetic green accent walls to your home, office, retail location, spa, wedding venue, restaurant, bar, or wherever else greenery is desired.

Pleasant Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are often used in businesses and public spaces to help separate areas. They give people a sense of ownership over a certain space. However, many privacy screens are simply small barriers that are either blank or covered in advertisements. Instead of opting for these boring, undesirable privacy screens, your business or space can use our artificial green walls. Our synthetic plant panels can separate areas without making them feel bland. Instead, your separated spaces can feel warmer and more inviting. 

Commercial artificial living wall seating area

Increasing Curb Appeal

Beautify your property without adding the hassles of plant upkeep with our artificial green walls. Our synthetic plant wall panels can easily be paired and attached to nearly any outdoor wall. In doing so, you can easily add greenery to your home or business that will instantly increase your curb appeal, impressing neighbors or customers. 

Creating Greener Spaces

While accent walls can be an eye-catching display, you can also attach our artificial plant wall panels throughout a space. By placing them artfully throughout an indoor or outdoor area at your Iowa home or business, you can create an immersive green ambiance. This can help achieve a more peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. 

Benefits of Owning Artificial Living Walls

There are several benefits Iowans can experience with artificial living walls from SYNLawn Iowa. Some of the many benefits of our synthetic green walls include: 

  • Ultra-realistic greenery
  • Low-maintenance artificial plant life
  • No dirt, soil, or water spilling on floors
  • Resistant to fading in sunlight
  • Less likely to attract insects
  • Fire-rated decor
  • Helps create a relaxing atmosphere

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or a guest at a cafe, you can experience the benefits our artificial green walls bring to a space. 

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At SYNLawn Iowa, we offer artificial green walls to homes, businesses, and more in Des Moines, Iowa and numerous other Iowa communities. Our artificial living walls capture the beauty and elegance of plant life without creating a need for maintenance or a potential for wilting and dying. You can add them into spaces as accent walls, indoor or outdoor decor, privacy screens, and more. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote for our synthetic green walls!