Paws & Pints Des Moines Canine Retreat and Social

The owners of Paws & Pints, Kyle and Megan Casey are a team of dog lovers, just like us!  Their vision was to build a place where Central Iowa dog owners and lovers can come together, with their four-legged companions, and enjoy a place built just for them.

Paws & Pints combines the culture and community of dog owners with the everyday needs dog owners have. The facility is built around convenience while providing a fun atmosphere that you and your dog(s) will enjoy. Their number one priority is the attention to detail your dog(s) deserves with all our services and to provide a safe, clean, and accountable dog park environment.

drone shot paws n pints artificial grass

Partnering with SYNLawn and Downing construct, at Paws & Pints, dogs and their owners can enjoy almost 20,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor dog park space outfitted with SYNLawn synthetic grass. The turf is cleaned and sanitized from both sides to avoid mess, making it the ultimate surface for group play. The Super Yarn technology and it’s Sanitized Antimicrobial Technology infilled with the antimicrobial Envirofill 12-20 is THE winning combination to help them keep this facility clean and nice-smelling.

For the humans, Paws & Pints offers plenty of indoor and outdoor TVs, live music, multiple bars for easy access to a drink, a walking trail, games to keep the kids entertained, WiFi, a snack kitchen for both you and your dog, which includes three indoor turf yards for your dog(s) to play. The best part is your dog can enjoy a park-like atmosphere regardless of what mother nature brings.

paws n pints artificial grass drone shot

This is the first of its kind in the Iowa market. It’s very sustainable by the lack of water needed to maintain the dog yards as well as the lack of fuel to maintain these areas, making your carbon footprint smaller. We incorporated mounds in the dog park to give the dog(s) more agility training.

$233,238 installed in July 2022.

Questions about the Project

What factors helped the client select SYNLawn?

The owners were tired of dealing with the back-and-forth with the Iowa ForeverLawn distributor, who had the job originally. They gave us a shot because of our expertise and responsiveness in our first few conversations. They really liked the Pet Platinum and Envirofill combination for a clean, sweet-smelling, long-lasting pet facility.

Paws n pints main artificial grass lawn from SYNLawn

Who will be the greatest beneficiary of this project?

It’s a combined benefit between the owners, the customers, and all their furry friends that travel from far and wide to enjoy.

What circumstances, conditions or challenges were unique about this project?

This project was a challenge due to the sheer size and the 3-hour drive from our showroom/warehouse. It was 21-day installation over the course of three months and seven trips to Des Moines, Iowa. Another challenge was staging and transporting 164 tons of aggregate to each of the eleven outdoor areas. Then we installed 605 linear feet of drainage in the aggregate so that the urine and moisture were not trapped in the pet yards.

What makes this project unique and deserving of recognition?

It’s the first of it’s kind in the Iowa market for this type of facility for dogs and their owners to be able to have a place to play, eat and drink.


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